From Nikki Brown / The Writer’s Coach

Hey there! Good morning. 🙂

I had something happen yesterday that I wanted to share. Not because it was so stupendous or amazing, but precisely because it wasn’t.

I was talking with a dear friend at the East Texas Writers Guild meeting and had the opportunity to share a tiny little bit of knowledge that I knew because I took my kids to Build a Bear workshop ages and ages ago. this tiny little piece of what I would have deemed insignificant information was actually really helpful to this gentleman and may potentially give him the chance to market his new book in a new and very cute way.

How many times have you thought you don’t know enough or that you aren’t good enough to help someone else? How many times have you told yourself you need to take another class, read another book, or just plain have more life experience before you start coaching, teaching, training, mentoring, writing, etc? I encourage you to bloom where you are planted. Stop waiting to know more or be better. You are enough right here, right now. I guarantee you have something in your head that someone else would think is helpful. Or, you have a natural talent or ability that someone else would give anything to have. It won’t seem like a big deal to you because it’s part of your everyday experience. Our own brilliance always seems just plain normal to us, but to someone else, what you have to offer might be an answer to prayer.

Just my thought for the day. I hope it encourages you. ❤

Thank you, Nikki. Wonderful words and just the thing that I needed to hear. 

I hope Nikki’s words take a boot to your bootee🤔

You can contact Nikki at or find her on facebook at Nikki Brown.


The miles we will go…

Table Rock / Branson, Missouri

Scott and I made an incredible trip to Missouri this month. I loved it. He’s still recovering. The poor boy. We drove. That was my first mistake. We left the world of mountains and headed east, across Wyoming and Nebraska. Long in miles and leaving his mountains behind. I feared I’d need to conduct a wake. Iowa was a breeze. And then, we dropped into Missouri. The abundance of her dense woods. I wore a smile all the way.  The destitute of Utah, (you can feel the dry desert air when you say the word) was forgotten. I was home and he was ready to board a plane. The darling man was truly out of his element. No mountains… how do you know your directions? Puzzled, he asked my sister, “why do they allowed the trees to grow down to the roads?” Cindy asked him, “Jealous much?” We drove back through Kansas and Colorado. Scott smiled all the way home. Crossing the Utah border, I asked him, “So, how do you feel about moving to Missouri?” Yeah, that was my second mistake.  I’ve lived here for 40 odd years. What’s my hurry, right? Especially since my Dad and brother live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where the word ‘chill’ rarely exists and dense refers to, well…

Get out and see the world. Stop in Seattle and find out why people whine about the rain. Compare the California and Florida beaches. Believe me, Cocoa Beach is nothing like Ventura, California’s. If you’ve never been there, Mustang Beach is really neat. Make a trip through all the eastern history museums. That is something I want to do. “Bucket List.” And every night, remember… JOURNAL. Grab the day. The sites, fill your senses and get them posted. You’ll be glad you did.

Just keep writing. Just keep writing.





Hopping to Learn Tighter Writing!

animated-easter-bunny-3I fell down a rabbit’s hole, and I climb back up with a bruised….ego

I read a couple of pages of my new manuscript to the husband hoping for an opinion. And holy egg shattering, yoke spreading reality, did I get knocked into the frying pan. His words, “I don’t like it, Did you hear yourself?” struck me pre-scrambled. Wow, was he right. I need to learn to tighten up my way word writing.

My fuzzy wuzzy bunny sounded like a cat fight. Stunk like the actual skunk beneath bunny’s disguise. So, I turned my despicable woes to Annie Oortman of and read her website. I jotted solutions down and applied them to my first two pages. Reread them and realized that tightening and using action verbs plays a key role in writing. Everyone’s writing.

So, it wasn’t a dark and dreary night… but… The moonless night…

Doree Anderson,

Keep on writing, keep on writing…



Lucky Love

Loving our president may bring our country better luck

As I watch our Olympics, I am so proud of those who wear the red/white/and blue. The work, the time and the blood our American Olympians put into their talents is phenomenal. They are a glowing reflection of our country. They deserve every one of us at home to watch and commend them for their representation of the United States of America.

But no, because…well, we don’t work that way.

We have some little jackass walk into a school and we are pulled away from the good, and heavily dosed with several interruptions regarding the grotesque sickness that this country is also suffering from. Our hearts freeze in horror because this unhappy kid didn’t like his school, or teacher, or he was pissed off at the world and decided to kill a bunch of kids and make a name for himself. 

We have women who have been raped, ambushed, accosted or touched inappropriately. And after years, they are finally coming forward. I applaud you in so many ways. Men tend to believe that because they’re the larger species, that women should be bowing down to them.  Well women, we don’t have to put up with that… turn around, leave, slap them, ignore them, report them, put them in the passenger seat! Remember if you’re the one bowing down, you’re the one biting it off.

I just read an article about a couple of writers whom I would call good friends. I’ve enjoyed hearing them talk. I’ve invited them to talk before a couple of the writing groups I’m involved with, but to find out that they’ve been accused of committing sexual abuse? I’m appalled. I’m also extremely confused. I know these guys. I can’t fathom them committing this crime. So, I pray that this is not 1) a misunderstanding, 2) a way to avenge yourself, 3) to repay someone for a bad review or critique, 4) a way for attention or 4) looking for money. What you do ruins lives. But if it is true, I’m sorry.

Lets all start learning to Avenge Ourselves! Think for ourselves, protect ourselves, look within ourselves, and try and find a way to support our country and love one another!

Doree Anderson

Welcome to a new year

New to me is a new-born; baby, puppy, the first bloom of spring. New Year simply means instead of writing 2017, we erase the 7 and make it an 8 until it becomes a habit around the middle of February. Then, once we’re comfortable with it, January shows up, and like a wheel, our months revolve inside it’s circle.

We’d all like to think that everything becomes shiny and new.  The tight, form-fitting sling you fought your body into at 8:45, should fit fabulously at 12:01. (Not) Unless the oxygen supply has totally depleted and you’re, well… dead.

Unfortunately what I notice is the down swing of the lips. Day one, the resolutions.  Day two, the determination. Day three, the good intentions. Day four, if I give it one more day, it’ll be the weekend and then no one will remember what my resolutions were and I can try again next year. Yep, that pretty much sums up the ‘me’ exercise plan every year. If I  close my eyes, I’m looking damn fine. If I open them, okay, so never mind.

Yet when it comes to my writing, I’ve set goals. Great goals that I have every intention of adhering to, and, (fingers crossed) I intend to fulfill as many as I can. They are as follows:

Goals For 2018

One Eighty:    Twenty-five to Thirty Query Letters After Revising Letter / Follow-up on current submitted queries.

Complete:       Cozy Mystery Novella  and  3rd manuscript in DunMullers Series

Submit:           Magazine Articles  (1 per month)

Participate:     3 On-Line Writing Classes

Attend:             LTUE in Feb., Utah League of Writers Conference in Oct.

Read:                15 – 20 Books on Craft.



The Happiest of Holidays

MERRY Christmas Time…

Can you believe it? Ten more shopping days. How dare I – yep I said it. And then Santa Clause will climb down the chimneys and leave presents for each boy and girl… of course that’s if you have a chimney. We always did, we just never used it. And talk about the arguments with our little girl. “And don’t give me that dumb old story about the front door. It squeaks. I’d hear him.”

“Santa Clause will be cutting a tiny round hole, just a small one, cause the dude’s an elf, you know. Into our living room side window he’ll go, Then with his tiny little glass cutter and his tiny little hammer, he’ll tap out the circle, with a squeak not a mutter. The glass falls to the floor with never a clatter, cause the wind carries it down so it doesn’t splatter. He’ll jimmy the lock to open the window. Each move that he makes is guided by moon glow. Once he’s wiggled his way through, all quiet like a mouse, the reindeer will shove the packages into our house. Santa will leave, just you wait and see, the presents all sparkly and cool around our Christmas tree. He’ll return to the window and magically, replace the glass. Nothings disturb, cause this guy’s first class.  No fireplace is needed, no door is unlocked, this Kris Kringle has it covered and you’ll know nothing my dear, because that’s how he calls it, and he’s been doing it his way for years.

Well? What  story do you have to explain the workings of an imaginary elf  who drops down a chimney to leave packages when you’ve nailed in a thick piece of plywood into the front of the fireplace so that you can sit the television, its stand, large speakers, and VCR player in front of it?

Now that our daughter has grown and has children of her own, she too, doesn’t use the fireplace as a ‘fireplace.’ Talk about passing down traditions. I believe that they leave the sliding back door unlock and make melted snow tracks across the kitchen floor.  We enjoy Christmas Eve as a family at my house now and put out Soup and Sandwiches, play games and always exchange pajamas as our Family Christmas Eve gifts.


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Grateful for the memories.

In American Fork Canyon, the mountainside is exquisite with the changing of the season. Bushes are splashes of color so brilliant it’s speechless. I love it here.

During the summer months, you can hike the 1 ½ mile incline to Mount Timpanogos Cave. There are guided tours that take about an hour to walk through the numerous caverns. It’s cool, literally and dark, so take a flashlight.

When I was a senior in high school, I walked up Tempee with my family. Mother, father, sister and my good friend visiting from Kansas City. Connie, Cindy and I had locked arms and marched up the hill singing “We’re off to see the wizard,” almost all the way to the top. It was exhilarating.

It was fun. There were a few stops along the way. You’d think it was for water, right? I wish! Have you ever run into a ground squirrel? Those little buggers are rather demanding. They will yell at you if you don’t give them a moment of your consideration. Oh, and that piece of nut (yes, you have them and specifically for the fuzzy little critters), wants you to drop it. Three girls not stop to watch the antics of a cute little animal, please?

My point in this blog is memories. The importance of them. Walking back down the hill, my sister and I couldn’t remember ever passing my parents. We never even met up with them in the cave. Finally, I gave in and asked a stranger if they’d seen our parents. After describing my mom, the gentleman laughed.

“I have seen her. In fact, I believe she’s the woman who’s entertaining a dozen squirrels at the entrance of the cave. She shoo’ed off the man she was with and stayed outside.”

Yep, that’s mom. She left us when she was only 56, way to early for us to have enough memories.



It’s Holiday Time

Can I hear a Yeah!, Whoop!, Wow. great, whoopty do, big whoopee, yep, happens every year. Ah come on. It’s the big Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Cheer! Not the grumpy gus, the Grinch gripees, or the bah humbugs. Need a nudge. Pick up a puppy, mush your face it its chubby little tummy and do 10 raspberries. Better now?

Okay, you’re right. We should all do it our way. And this year, I’ll do it my way. I’m celebrating it with seven other writer friends by doing a holiday cheer website exchange. Each specific day for eight days of December, a writer will write a blog and give a website with a chance for everyone reading their blog to put their name in for a chance to win $40.00 gift care. Six of the ten writers are also putting in one of their published books, up – autographed, as a raffle prize too. Happy holidays.

Doree.     Say in Touch. Holiday Blog Button.jpg


Why do they have creative writing as a class in school? Not every student should been required to suffer through it. I have found through the years that ‘creative’ is an individual thing. The assignment was to write a short story. I did. And in the corner, in red marker, my English teacher had written, “Fiction writing isn’t in your future. Listen to the others as they read their stories.” I was devastated. I had been writing down stories since I was six. I had a notebook full of adventures. After that day, I quit. I decided that, since she taught writing and English, she knew what I didn’t. I lacked the creative talent it took to be a writer. So, I set my aspirations aside. Until I was asked to write an article for a company news letter. I panicked. How could my boss honestly ask me to put words together and make it understandable. Yet, I did. And, it wasn’t bad. When I stepped away from the day job,  I applied for a job at our local Valley News Journal. After a year with them, I sat down and wrote a book. I’ve ten finished now and loving it. Too bad that teacher has long passed, she’s missed a few good stories. Never give up because of obstacles outside of you, go with what you believe is true.

Doree Anderson

It’s Like Pulling Teeth

I recently had a crown removed from an implant, which I’ve learned  isn’t easy when one doesn’t wish to release.  Anyway, with my mouth open, I had a question lobbed my way and promptly executed an answer.  Reality alert… when the mouth if full, it complicates verbal communication. That’s right! Forming intelligent wording around foreign objects makes it difficult for the tongue to provide adequate pronunciation. Diction is poor and therefore, makes deciphering awkward for your listener.

My granddaughter overheard my garbled reply and giggled,  “That’s funny. It’s like pulling teeth, huh grandma?”

I pondered her statement, confused. And then the light bulb went off in my head.

On the way home I felt it time to gently correct the meaning of her statement.  “Cindy, what do you think “it’s like pulling teeth,’ means?”

“You mean like when you were making those funny noises cause they made you talk?”

“I made those funny noises because I couldn’t talk. I had a mouth full of fingers. See, that’s why people say not to talk with your mouth full. Because nobody can understand you. And that’s what happened. I tried to talk around his fingers, but I couldn’t. It’s like when you eat something, and your mouth is full of food, you try talking around it and you mumble, spitting out some in the process. It’s gross and extremely hard to hear.”

“So how come it’s not pulling teeth cause he pulled your teeth?”

“Well, the expression, “It’s like pulling teeth,” is misleading.  When you are trying to hold a conversation with someone, and you are having a hard time getting the other person to respond to you, or open up and answer your questions, the saying is, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to speak. Teeth don’t come out all that easily, and neither do his words.

Silence filled the car, which made me blessedly grateful, because I don’t think I’d explained it correctly. Actually, I felt like I was stimulating her brain cells, praying that she’d buy what I was selling. And so far, it was a big zero on the peso.

Makes one wonder what other sayings we have that say one thing and mean another? Maybe one day I’ll check into them. Or not.