Cliche you say?

Dead as a door nail. Stiff as a board. Up and died.

If I had a nickle for every time you’ve asked me that, I’d be rich. In for a penny, in for a pound. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

No rhyme, no reason. Say what! What you talkin’ about,…….?

Cat got your tongue? Look what the cat brought in. Dead dog serious.

And trillions more.

In writing, stay as far a way from using cliches as you can. Yeah, it’s easy to fall back into things we’re heard time and time again. Because they’re comfortable, right? But they’re tired, give ’em a break.

If the original writer can spring forth a good saying, shoot, so can you. The only reason the grass is greener on the other side is because you didn’t have to come up with it. Be the one to write your own cliches for your story. If I’ve read the same expression over and over again, I get board and tend to stop reading. Might forget who the author was as well.

So, if somebody has died, ” They took a detour and found the six-foot underbelly of this life.”. Not: Clocked out, or ¬†Kicked the Bucket. Use something from your own imagination. ¬†You know, the little guy inside your head that paints your pictures. Get him to find the tack in your sand pile.

The sweet side of success: we all want it, but to get it, it has to come from you. It’s your story, your name, say it your way! Not like in this blog, that’s chock full of cliches!

So, if a tree hasn’t jumped out in front of you and smacked you silly, give it your own take. I’m coloring within the edges of my brain just to write this. And I know I’ll come up with some cliches for my own story.

Doree L Anderson



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