Welcome to a new year

New to me is a new-born; baby, puppy, the first bloom of spring. New Year simply means instead of writing 2017, we erase the 7 and make it an 8 until it becomes a habit around the middle of February. Then, once we’re comfortable with it, January shows up, and like a wheel, our months revolve inside it’s circle.

We’d all like to think that everything becomes shiny and new.  The tight, form-fitting sling you fought your body into at 8:45, should fit fabulously at 12:01. (Not) Unless the oxygen supply has totally depleted and you’re, well… dead.

Unfortunately what I notice is the down swing of the lips. Day one, the resolutions.  Day two, the determination. Day three, the good intentions. Day four, if I give it one more day, it’ll be the weekend and then no one will remember what my resolutions were and I can try again next year. Yep, that pretty much sums up the ‘me’ exercise plan every year. If I  close my eyes, I’m looking damn fine. If I open them, okay, so never mind.

Yet when it comes to my writing, I’ve set goals. Great goals that I have every intention of adhering to, and, (fingers crossed) I intend to fulfill as many as I can. They are as follows:

Goals For 2018

One Eighty:    Twenty-five to Thirty Query Letters After Revising Letter / Follow-up on current submitted queries.

Complete:       Cozy Mystery Novella  and  3rd manuscript in DunMullers Series

Submit:           Magazine Articles  (1 per month)

Participate:     3 On-Line Writing Classes

Attend:             LTUE in Feb., Utah League of Writers Conference in Oct.

Read:                15 – 20 Books on Craft.