Lucky Love

Loving our president may bring our country better luck

As I watch our Olympics, I am so proud of those who wear the red/white/and blue. The work, the time and the blood our American Olympians put into their talents is phenomenal. They are a glowing reflection of our country. They deserve every one of us at home to watch and commend them for their representation of the United States of America.

But no, because…well, we don’t work that way.

We have some little jackass walk into a school and we are pulled away from the good, and heavily dosed with several interruptions regarding the grotesque sickness that this country is also suffering from. Our hearts freeze in horror because this unhappy kid didn’t like his school, or teacher, or he was pissed off at the world and decided to kill a bunch of kids and make a name for himself. 

We have women who have been raped, ambushed, accosted or touched inappropriately. And after years, they are finally coming forward. I applaud you in so many ways. Men tend to believe that because they’re the larger species, that women should be bowing down to them.  Well women, we don’t have to put up with that… turn around, leave, slap them, ignore them, report them, put them in the passenger seat! Remember if you’re the one bowing down, you’re the one biting it off.

I just read an article about a couple of writers whom I would call good friends. I’ve enjoyed hearing them talk. I’ve invited them to talk before a couple of the writing groups I’m involved with, but to find out that they’ve been accused of committing sexual abuse? I’m appalled. I’m also extremely confused. I know these guys. I can’t fathom them committing this crime. So, I pray that this is not 1) a misunderstanding, 2) a way to avenge yourself, 3) to repay someone for a bad review or critique, 4) a way for attention or 4) looking for money. What you do ruins lives. But if it is true, I’m sorry.

Lets all start learning to Avenge Ourselves! Think for ourselves, protect ourselves, look within ourselves, and try and find a way to support our country and love one another!

Doree Anderson